About The Company

Established in 1976, PT. United Waru Biscuit Manufactory has developed and implemented advanced biscuit manufactoring technology. Our broad production experience allows us to comply with the future challenge.

Our Company is dedicated to the pursuit of two principal goals :

  • To be a responsible corporate citizen by providing a high quality biscuit that meet the international standart, so as to contribute toward the continual economic growth of the country.
  • Enhancing skill and professionalism through consumer customization.

Today, we have two manufactoring plants located near Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, and Surabaya, Indonesia’s major international seaport. Thus, provide us a good access to booth domestic and international market.

Business Concept & Technology

By selling biscuit with trust, altruism and hard work, we implement our business credo to always give back to the community.

We manufacture our products by using the latest European technology coupled with Asian ingenuity and technical support from United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia.

Today we cater to Asian demand, in the next decade through product customization, we aim to achieve global acceptance.

Company’s Product

At present, we have more than 100 varieties of biscuit products to meet the demand of booth the domestic and international market.
Constant product development performed by our Research and Development department is an omplementation of one company’s strategies to tackle with the global market and mass customization.